Groups & Workshops 

Be True To You Recovery C.I.C deliver support through 1:1 coaching sessions whilst clients access our groups and workshops which are delivered by our 12 Wellbeing Practitioners & some of our Directors who co-facilitate.


They are accessible through our referral process for both our C.I.C clients and also private funded clients, some groups may be available to access online as well as face to face.

Our Freedom From Fibromyalgia course is accessible via the NHS Recovery & Wellbeing College and delivered by Keilly our Recovery Coach & Director.

Please see the link to book your place on 'Our Partners' section.

Each practitioner will carry out their own consultation & risk assessment prior to sessions

Each group will not exceed the maximum capacity of 10 clients

We will also be providing Retreats periodically throughout the year

community Acupuncture with Chantal Nogbou

At our acupuncture group sessions you will be located in a relaxing & cosy room where you can choose your seat, get comfortable and wrap up warm in a lovely blanket, you can also bring a pillow if you would like. Chantal will then go around each person in the group to use her acupuncture pins to assist you into a wonderful deep relaxed state. You may wish to close your eyes or even take a little nap, enjoy the stillness and just be.

The needles can be left in for approximately 20 minutes but if you prefer just raise your hand & Chantal will remove them when you wish.

You will be provided some water and some time to come around from the treatment. You can leave when you are ready & you will be provided with an aftercare card upon leaving.

create your vision with Keilly & Gemma

Within this vision board session we will explore the amazing law of attraction and how we can use this to map out our future & manifest our dreams

We will be guided by a recorded meditation created by our own meditation leader Amy which will empower you to connect with your inner self & set your intentions for the session

If you feel there may be barriers holding you back we can explore those during the session

Gemma will support you to explore your individual creativity using various materials for you to plot your vision on to a board that you take home with you

Materials are provided although if you have something specific in mind to add to your board please bring it along

Refreshments also provided

group reiki with ali roffey 

Reiki is the universal energy, Chinese call it chi, Sanskrit call it prana, it goes by many other identities, orgone energy, electro-magnetic energy, in nature the bio electric field.

We are all energetic beings who interact with each other not just in the physical world but the emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our actions of body speech and mind send ripples of vibration out and within our body.


As a group therapy it is a beautiful experience & assists not just in your own healing, but as a collective too.


I will guide you into a meditative state, the technique to ground and protect your auric field, linking your mind with your inner chakras, and guide you to balance & align them.

You will develop skills on how to feel the energy, how it enters and flows out of your body, how to channel the energy to create vibrancy, good health & nurturing your own mind, body and soul.

group Dialectical behaviour therapy with Gavin Dawson

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is cognitive, support and collaborative based. The therapy will assist you to identify your strengths so you can have a better understanding of yourself.. 

DBT will support you to identify thoughts and beliefs & to learn different ways of thinking. You will be encouraged to work out problems with me covering the below modules which include - 

Mindfulness ~ in learning mindfulness you will feel empowered to be in charge of yourself in a more effective way

Distress tolerance ~ Distress tolerance skills are essential to support with coping and surviving during crisis periods, these skills support in tolerating both long- and short-term pain (physical and emotional)

Emotion regulation ~ Emotional regulation is a skill to support you in understanding the function of emotions and identify the action urge that accompanies each emotional

Interpersonal effectiveness ~ Interpersonal effectiveness is the main focus of DBT, this relates to the quality of our relationships and the outcomes of our interactions that may have a significant influence on your wellbeing, your self-esteem, your self-confidence and the understanding of who you are


This group will be delivered over 4 sessions

Fibromyalgia Community group with keilly, joanne & gemma

In this group we invite you to come together as a community and share your experiences, the group will provide a sense of belonging, a mutual understanding of the challenges we face & a recovery focus, we will laugh together, we may even cry together, we will embrace one another & be united as a strong community and be supportive of one another.

Where ever you may be on your journey you have a place at our group

You will find like minded people who you may wish to connect with outside of the group, we aim to support you in developing your own support network to assist recovery.

At Be True To You we understand those feelings of isolation, when you feel misunderstood or unable to do the social activities you did pre fibro & we aim to reduce social isolation in our fibromyalgia community

We will be there to listen, offer you a safe space to talk about what is on your mind, and we will provide information, advice & guidance on your recovery journey

The 3 group facilitators all have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia too so as soon as you step into the group which ever facilitator it is in that group you will feel supported & understood from that moment onwards

There is no set agenda for this group, it is a relaxed & open discussion group

Refreshments provided

Self Care groups with Self Directed massage  with Gemma Mellor

These sessions run in cycles and will include ~

Basic skincare routine with soothing massage techniques, skincare and aromatherapy oils will be provided for the session ~ you will leave feeling knowledgeable & hopefully implementing a daily skincare routine and having some soothing massage skills to be able to relieve stress & will lift your mood. Face kits will also be available to purchase. 


Hand and Arm massage techniques with aroma wax candle which is great for sore & tired hands and arms, carpal tunnel pain, pins and needles and swollen joints.

Also for anyone that feels they need it, abdominal massage techniques (great to assist with IBS/Digestive issues) this is a quick 5 minute pain reliever ~ you can use an aromatherapy oil or (contraindications permitting) an elimination serum for maximum benefit and relief.

Aftercare cards provided 

community yoga with faye bolton walker 

Faye is an intuitive teacher who teaches to the needs of the student. 


Faye's mums journey with fibromyalgia is one of Faye's big Why's for delivering healing. Faye supports the mental wellbeing of her clients during each session and will be bespoke to what is required by each individual.


Faye's yoga is a nurturing class with full prop support designed to support the mind, body and soul. The sessions are restorative and healing, bringing a sense of community and wellness on your journey together.

Fibromyalgia & Menopause with Joanne Wood 

This group session will provide a safe space for open discussion to share experiences & challenges of menopause on top of fibromyalgia symptoms. 


Joanne & our guest speaker will discuss the link between menopause & fibromyalgia symptoms, they will discuss holistic methods that could support the management & reduction of symptoms and discuss how you can reduce the impact of the interaction between the menopause & fibromyalgia 

Ladies only group facilitated by Joanne who also has a diagnosis of fibromyalgia

self hypnotherapy group  with dave stones 

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, we are always in control of ourselves. 


In this group session I will provide an explanation of hypnosis and why self hypnosis works, although not as effective as seeing a trained therapist, however is effective in between.


We will explore the do's and don’ts, the why's and when not to do it 


During the session I will guide you through the process of taking yourself into a deep relaxed state to support recovery & wellbeing 

community meditation group


self care for carers with

keilly parker 

In this group we invite you to come together as a community and share your experiences, the group will provide a sense of belonging, a mutual understanding of the caring responsibilities and the challenges that may bring, but also the joy it brings. We will laugh together, we may even cry together & be supportive of one another. 


You will find like minded people who you may wish to connect with outside of the group, we aim to support you in reducing stressors, developing your own self care routine & any practical support we can offer


As a social worker I will discuss the legislation and your individual rights as a carer and discuss ways that you could be assisted in your caring role to balance this with your everyday life and personal responsibilities. 


At Be True To You we understand those feelings of isolation, when you feel misunderstood or unable to do the social activities you did before caring for your loved one & we aim to reduce social isolation in our community 


We will be there to listen, offer you a safe space to talk about what is on your mind, and we will provide information, advice & guidance 


Some of our practitioners will join our sessions to give demonstrations on their practice and how you can implement simple techniques into your daily life which will assist you in reducing any stress & anxiety 

sound therapy relaxation group with christian jensen

Deep relaxation is a vital part of looking after your health and wellbeing. It allows our bodies the time to rest, restore and re-balance. Using sound as a means of deep relaxation is an excellent way to help restore the mind and body, similar to that achieved during meditation.

Sound can be a powerful & energising means of relaxation. The frequency, vibration and resonance of the sounds support and assist you, right down to a cellular level, to bring about balance and harmony to your physical body and energetic fields, calming the mind and inducing deep relaxation.

During the sessions, you will be invited to lay down, with a blanket and cushion for added comfort, or remain seated if preferred, the session will then begin with a short piece of guided meditation, instruments known for their therapeutic benefits will then be played, including instruments, such as, Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Hand Pan, Native Flutes, Shamanic Drum and Didgeridoo, along with other smaller instruments such as rain stick and various gentle shakers, to immerse you in the deeply healing and restorative sounds.


Towards the end of the session, there will be a couple of minutes of complete silence, where I will then proceed to bring you, gently back into the space and surroundings, taking all the time that you need, drinks will then be offered, to allow you time for stillness, to absorb the sounds and share, if you wish to share your experience of the session, to assist you on a mental, physical and emotional level, helping to improve your health and wellbeing, leading to a positive change in your life.