Support Sessions

FREE 30 Minute Consultation

This consultation is designed for us to discuss your current situation and the changes you would like to make. We would then decide together if we are the right partnership to make your goals a reality.

A consultation is required prior to booking any session.

Life Coaching Session  - £40
(Duration 60 minutes)
Private clients. Not available under Be True To Recovery C.I.C.

Life Coaching sessions will take a holistic approach to your life to support you to regain your life-balance and be true to yourself, which will result in you living a fulfilled life. Initially you will be provided a questionnaire which will enable you to identify any areas that require change. You will be supported throughout each session to set goals and be accountable for your changes. Each client will develop their own personalised action plan.

1 : 1 Vision Board Sessions £45
Group sessions also available throughout the year, also available under Be True To You Recovery C.I.C. 
Eligibility c
riteria applies

This session will include an introduction to the Law of Attraction. A guided meditation to connect with your inner self and set the intention for the session with removal of any barriers. You will then create your very own vision board with images, quotes and affirmations to reflect your inner desires.


Through gaining an understanding of the Law of Attraction you will apply this to manifest your dreams into reality and become the best version of yourself.

2-hour Taster Session - £99
Private clients. Not available under Be True To Recovery C.I.C.

If you feel you are ready to make some changes, although not yet ready to commit to a full programme then this may be the session for you. It will include an initial questionnaire to get you started followed by a 2-hour session to goal set and action plan. You will also receive 2 follow up emails within a four-week period to keep you motivated.  

Mental Health Recovery and Chronic Illness 'Warrior' Packages
Includes a Holistic Health & Wellbeing  Prescription with access to up to 12 practitioners (see 'Wellbeing Team' tab). 
Available under Be True To You Recovery C.I.C.
Eligibility criteria applies  

These sessions are tailormade to each client’s specific requirements, recovery focused and include a personalised wellbeing recovery planner & wellness toolbox support plan. Holistic Health & Wellbeing Prescriptions will include access to our group sessions with our team of wellbeing practitioners as identified in your consultation.

10 Sessions for £385
(Duration 60 minutes)
Private clients. Not available under Be True To Recovery C.I.C 

If booked and paid in full you will receive a free 30-minute complimentary massage with a fully qualified Holistic Therapist. Redeemable at any point during your 10 sessions. 

Nutritional Sessions £40 + Follow Ups
(no consultation needed)
Private clients. Not available under Be True To Recovery C.I.C.
All nutrition support for Mental Health & Chronic Illness/Fibromyalgia is covered in sessions with the exception of intolerance testing. This is a separate service and requires private funding

£40 (60 Minute Session)

Full nutrition screening, consideration to medical conditions and medications, exploring your relationship with food, supplement advice and elimination process. Also includes an individual nutrition plan for health and wellbeing.

£15 (30 Minute Follow Up Session)

Ongoing motivational support and review.

£95 Nutritional session (Price subject to change due to partnership working fees)

Includes the 60 minute session (as above) & a full intolerance hair strand screening & testing with a report to evidence intolerances. 

(Testing over 700 foods & non foods, e numbers and vitamin & mineral deficiencies)

Supplements available to purchase prices vary.

Supermarket sessions available upon request.

Supreme Wellness Package  - No longer available - see above for Holistic Health & Wellbeing Prescriptions
(prices vary dependent on requirements)

This package includes 4 specialists

12 x 1:1 60-minute face to face Coaching session (At BTTY, your home or in the community)

12 x 1:1 60-minute face to face Yoga sessions (in studio or own home)

12 x Choice of 30 or 50-minute holistic massage treatment (studio only)

12-week nutrition plan to include 2 prepared meals per day, 7 days per week and a personalised nutrition plan (delivery or collection available)

Power Of Attorney £95 

Second certificate at a fee of £25 if completed at the same time, if not the full fee will apply for a return assessment.

Please note this fee does not include the registration fee to the OPG.

Please note mileage charge over 10 miles for any home visits. 

Private clients only.

Not available under Be True To Recovery C.I.C.

'Certificate Provider' for either or both Health & Welfare and Property & Financial Affairs Power of Attorney's.

As a Registered Social Work Professional I am legally authorised to be the Certificate Provider for your Lasting Power of Attorney documents. Within this I will assess  capacity of the 'Donor' to ensure they have the ability to make the informed decision to hand over legal responsibility to their chosen person/s which will enable them to make decisions on their behalf. I will also ensure the Attorney has full understanding of what the requirements are under their legal role prior to signing the documents. 

Please email or contact me directly to discuss and book this service 

Types of Sessions Offered:


(At a mutual meeting location).

I do not have a therapy style room as I want the sessions to be as natural and relaxing as possible. They can be held at my home or yours or in the local community whilst walking or over a cuppa in a quiet environment.


Group sessions are also available throughout the month. Click here to view all upcoming events.

I also offer some sessions via Telephone, Email or Skype.

Evening and Weekend appointments also available.

Please note: Mileage over 10 miles (return) will incur a charge of 0.35ppm.

Disability discounts available. Please contact to discuss this further.