Clients Recommend

Amie P.

Not to sound bias but I really cannot recommend my mum enough! As I live with my mum I eat the same sort of foods as her and you all know she has an amazing diet which helps massively with her fibromyalgia. I used to feel fatigue and had low energy most of the time and since starting to eat the same foods as my mum I felt so much better in myself- I’ve been more upbeat and my moods have been better, my skin has been amazing, I’ve had no bloating and I’ve had enough energy to start the gym before my holiday. Whilst I was on holiday I went back to eating bad foods like chocolates, fizzy drinks etc since then I’ve started to see myself feeling more tired and having low energy again. So goes to show how eating well can have a massive impact on different parts of your body, I am now back to my mum’s diet. 💗

September 2019

Melissa M.

Cannot recommend Keilly enough. She makes you feel relaxed, is very thorough and very understanding with sensitive issues. I have used Keilly's services a few times but more recently she has helped with my nutrition after a health scare. In just 2 week I've dropped 10 pounds and I am eating much better and feeling loads healthier. Thank you Keilly xx

July 2019

Carley D.

Keilly is very knowledgable about the benefits of the CBD oil and also the other services she has offered. When I have met with Keilly I have instantly felt comfortable around her and have found our meetings to be very beneficial for me. I would recommend Keilly to anyone wishing to participate in some life coaching ❤️

June 2019

Samantha H.

Keilly is an amazing lady, who is genuine, kind, caring and supportive. I've tried the CBD balm and some of her essential oils, which not only smell gorgeous but work fab on muscular pains and tension headaches. Her knowledge and support is second to none. Would highly recommend Keilly for additional help, advice, support, holistic therapies and so much more. Thank you so much xx

June 2019

Jenny J.

Keilly has been a great source of knowledge on the health benefits of CBD oil. My chronic pain as significantly reduced sin the few months since I started using it - thanks Keilly 😀

June 2019

Nicola S.

Keilly is so enthusiastic about helping people. It’s a rare trait to have! Keilly’s holistic approach to all aspects of life is contagious and really helpful, whether it’s about nutrition/herbal pain relief/ meditation or alternative therapies she really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend Be True to you Life Coaching to anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves. I enjoyed the group session and felt welcome by everyone.

April 2019

Natalie J.

I have known Keilly both professionally and personally for a long time. She is a fantastic social worker and the loveliest friend. She is a fab listener and always gives me such great advice. I would recommend Keilly very highly as she is an inspiring Lady and has so much experience and knowledge xxxxx💖💕💝🦋xxxx

May 2019

Joanne W.

Just had another session with keilly and I can say that I am truly great full for meeting her. I feel more positive about my health and mind and believe that my life is going to get better step by step.

May 2019

Debbie S.

l would highly recommend keilly ,
her advise and knowledge has been gratefully received. I found keilly caring, good listener and showed empathy due to her experience. l have already noticed a change in my condition due to keilly advise.
l wish keilly all the best and if l need any further help l won't hesitate to contact her.

April 2019

Eliza B.

Fantastic team. when you look at an holistic approach... this is what it truly means ... the plans for the future aim to ensure that support is available to a wide client base. Good luck guys and all the best. fully recommended xx

March 2019

Alec P.

I really have too many superlatives about Keilly for this review so I will start by saying that I have found Keilly to be warm. caring, and compassionate and to be a very good listener. I am very grateful and appreciative for the help and advice she has given me, she has made my life a lot easier. I am sure anyone who seeks Keilly's help will certainly benefit from her myriad of skills. Keep up the good work KP and I wish you every success in your new venture and I'm certain that you will be helping a lot of people. xx

February 2019


I've known Keilly for 17 years, she is the most caring, loving person, who actually wants to support people and has a heart of gold! I've suffered with mental health from a very young age and for the last few years my mental health has been the worst it could have been. Over the course of my life my mental health has deteriorated immensely. I was diagnosed with Chronic Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Psychosis, she has helped me so much and I love her more than anything, I would totally recommend her services, please give it a go and share this page with your loved ones and friends you won't be sorry!!

Also she has a good sense of humour and is so fun to be around she will make you feel at ease and make you feel like you've known her years.

Get booked in!!

December 2018