Joanne Wood


"In 2014 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis unfortunately the medication I take for this attacks my immune system. This lead me, in October 2018, to become very ill. Fast forward to April 2019 my life had been turned upside down. Being ill for months I was then diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I was not living my life I was just existing I felt like I was alone. I really needed help and luckily I saw a lady who had been through what I was going through and was looking to give her support, guidance and help. So taking the opportunity to work with Keilly Marie and be the Ambassador for her business Be True To You, my journey started.

So far Keilly Marie has helped me with my mind and body, my nutrition which I have now lost over 1 stone also things that I needed to know about work and what I should have put in place and my rights. She has encouraged me to have a self-care routine and shown me that I can do exercises, yoga and other exercises and 2020 is an exciting time as we move forward with something that she has in store for all those fibro members. She also showed me that it was okay to say no sometimes. I can honestly say that seeing the advert for Be True To You, sending a message and taking that risk was so worth it. I have a lot in common with Keilly Marie not just our illness but our mums which is private, but what I will say is that I think our mums have sent us together.

We are now near the end and I can say that I am still learning and still needing support from Keilly Marie but I have set goals for 2020. We started off as me being her client which has now grown into a friendship, a friendship that will last forever and now I can be that friend to her and she can be that friend to me that was quite apparent the first time we met".


Thank you for letting me share your journey with you Joanne, here's to a lifetime friendship. 





Mark Lazenby



"I would like to personally thank Keilly Marie at Be True To You Life Coaching for all the wonderful help and support she has given me since I began sessions with her. I left the Military with chronic PTSD and Anxiety Disorders and little hope for salvation. I have undergone years of therapy with the Military Doctors and in the end, if they cannot fix you, they ditch you.


When Keilly Marie came along, I started to believe that despite the fact that I have only been in treatment for a short time, I have come on leaps and bounds with her support. I feel personally that I have stabilized more with her care than I have with years of therapy from the Military. Keilly Marie is an exceptional, talented and very understanding and supporting therapist. I have been blessed to have her support and for once in such a long time, I feel like I have developed some hope and self belief with her support to overcome and manage my illnesses.


I have now returned back to employment and offer support to those in need. Thank you Keilly Marie for all you have done for me. God bless you and please, if you ever find yourself in need of a wonderful, understanding and brilliant therapist, Keilly Marie is worth all the time in the world".


"Thank you".

It has been an honour to be on your journey with you Mark, amazing progress 

Be True To You is looking for a new ambassador in 2020 and I would encourage and advise anybody to take this opportunity. These diseases can be very lonely and scary but to have support is important and that one person that knows exactly what you are talking about, no judgment but a total understanding. Be True To You can give you that and more.