The Face Behind The Creations

My passion is creating products that are natural & have healing properties to support recovery & wellbeing.


This began when I started my recovery journey and realised the amount of chemicals in products that we use. My skin was suffering & also I was absorbing these chemicals in to my body which impacted my health also. 

I took control of my health & made some significant changes.

I found healing through crystals, herbs and essential oils.


I love to meditate, tune in to my intuition & be guided to create powerful healing products by working with what our Earth provides to us naturally. 

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do creating them 

If you would like to order please contact me via email with the item you require as all products are individually made 


Fibromyalgia Cystal Recovery Kit

It has taken me some time to select the right crystals just for our condition. I have been working with crystals for my own health for quite some time now and I have tried and tested each and every one of these & I believe that this is the perfect combination for Fibromyalgia symptoms. 


Each bag contains the 7 specific & carefully selected crystals which will be cleansed & charged with Be True To You recovery energy before being sent out to you 


Information card provided

Please note crystal sizes may vary



Little Jar of Protection

Black Obsidian is connected to the root chakra giving its powers to grounding.

It assists in releasing emotions which can lead to physical illness.

The stone of protection and shields the carrier from negative energies.

All made with love, healing energy and positive intent, the stones are sealed in the jar with a natural wax to seal in the energy




Lavender Bliss

Infused with the master healing crystal Amethyst which supports in reducing physical, emotional and psychological pain & stress, eases headaches and releases tension, dried Lavender sprigs and Doterra Serenity essential oil to aid relaxation and calm the mind and body blended with fractionated coconut carrier oil


10ml Roller bottle £5.99 

Please note large crystal not included


Rose Beauty

Infused with the beautiful crystal of universal love the Rose Quartz which purifies and opens up the heart to self love and gratitude, dried Rose Petals and Rose essential oil to aid stress relief and sooth the mind, body and soul 


10ml roller bottle £5.99

Please note large crystal not included


Anti Anxiety Jar

A delicate blend of the calming buds of Camomile & Lavender


A combination of pink himalayan salt & epsom salt to removes toxins and bring about balance within the mind, body & soul


A splash of Doterra Clary Calm to assist in balancing hormones & emotions


Combined with the perfectly selected crystal duo of Sodalite, the stone of peace which supports the calming of the mind & Fluorite to assist in absorbing & neutralising stress & transformation


All sealed with natural wax, blessed & cleansed with the sweet scent of Palo Santo to heal and renew




Personalised Care Package

Treat yourself or a loved one to a 'Be True To You' care package 


What better way to say I Love You than with a beautiful selection of self care gifts  


Choose from our variety of lovely oils, crystals, bath salts, self-love & protection jars & planners with further additions such as guided cards, mantras & affirmations, Be True To You cups, wellbeing tea & a personalised message from you the sender if bought as a gift  


All made with bundles of love & positive energy to support recovery & beautifully wrapped in a reusable gift box  


Prices vary & I can support different budgets


Unlock Your Chakra's

Crown Chakra Clear Quartz & Amethyst

Third Eye Chakra Lapis Lazuli

Throat Chakra Sodalite

Heart Chakra Rose Quartz

Solar Plexus Chakra Tigers Eye

Sacral Chakra Fluorite

Root Chakra Black Obsidian



Be True To You Blends

Specially created for various types of aches & pains including fibromyalgia, arthritis, nerves, restless legs

Specially created sleep blend 

All oils are blended with fractionated coconut carrier oil and come in a 10 ml roller bottle for easy application 



Dreamy Sleep Kit

Bath tea bag containing a blend of epsom & pink himalayan bath salts infused with Doterra Serenity and dried lavender buds 


10ml roller bottle containing Be True To You sleep blend of Doterra essential oils 


Howlite crystal to place on your bedside which assists with slowing an over active mind, bringing calm & allowing for a deep restful sleep 



Mental Health Crystal Recovery Kit

Each bag contains 5 specific crystals each with their own properties to support your mental wellbeing. They have been carefully selected and will be cleansed & charged with Be True To You recovery energy before being sent out to you 

Information card provided 

Please note crystal sizes may vary



Little Jar of Self Love

This product contains carefully selected items that have specific properties for self love. 

Rose Petals attract self love & beauty

Rosemary the symbol of love

Rose Quartz the crystal of universal love

Amethyst the crystal of emotional protection

Wild Orange brings a sweet blend of positivity 

Lavender allows for a connection to the heart chakra to open to self love

Pink himalayan salt brings a healthy balance in the mind, body & soul

Sugar bringing you that sweetness

All are made with Love and are sealed in the jar with a natural wax to protect the self love spell 




Chakra Charms

We have a charm for each chakra & a feeling card to match 

Crown Chakra Feeling Enlightenment

Third Eye Chakra Feeling Awakened 

Throat Chakra Feeling Expressive

Heart Chakra Feeling Unconditional Love 

Solar Plexus Chakra Feeling Creative

Sacral Chakra Feeling Powerful

Root Chakra Feeling Connected 

Necklace included charms & necklaces vary


Essential Oils These products contain CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) oils and are triple lab tested.

They do not contain herbicides, pesticides and are non-GMO.

Please see Reviews page for client reviews/testimonials on the use of my Essential Oils.


Whenever you consider using oils, please check for any contraindications with any current medications you may be taking. 


Room & Cleansing Mist

Uplifting Room Mist 

Contains orange essential oil, dried calendula petals, witch hazel & distilled water

Refreshing Room Mist 

Contains peppermint essential oil, dried peppermint leaves, witch hazel & distilled water

Calming Room Mist 

Contains lavender essential oil, dried lavender buds, witch hazel & distilled water

Cleansing Aura Mist

Contains lemon & rosemary essential oil, dried rosemary, a chakra balancing crystal combination, witch hazel & distilled water

Smudge Mist

Energy Clearing & Crystal Cleansing

Contains white sage & palo santo essential oil, sea salt, black obsidian crystals, witch hazel & distilled water 

Each mist is a 60ml brown glass spray bottle 

Each comes with its own handmade description card in an organza bag

* Do not spray direct onto self, avoid contact with hard/polished surfaces



Screenshot_20210727-200935_WhatsApp (1).jpg

Yoga Mat Mist

A beautiful energising & uplifting blend which is a natural disinfectant with anti fungal, viral & bacterial properties

Contains a cleansing blend of
distilled water, witch hazel, lemon essential oil & a combination oil of
wild orange peel, clove bud,
cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf, rosemary

100% free from contaminates, non toxic & kind to skin. Supports immune system health, promotes increased cognition, mental alertness, boosts mood, reduces stress & anxiety 

Shake well, spray onto the washable & reusable bamboo cloth before lightly wiping your mat surface.

*Do not spray directly onto your mat, keep out of direct sunlight, keep away from children



 Full & New Moon Ritual Kits £23 each

New Products Coming Soon

Align, Arise & Anchor

Yoga Mist