Gemma Howarth

January-June 2021

" I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2016 after a long journey of hospital appointments, tests and medications. Since that point I had tried my best to 'carry on' as normal, to work full-time in a high pressure job, having 2 young children, being a wife, and wanting to do everything I had always done at the pace I had always done it. I tried all sorts of gadgets and medications over a few years to take my symptoms away. This led to some short term benefits but I was still having relapses.


Needless to say in 2020 I reached my limit and my body and mind shut down. I went off sick from work with high anxiety and daily severe physical pain. I started paying more attention to the Be True to You Fibromyalgia Facebook group. I really enjoyed the positive messages, encouragement, mindfulness and tips for fibro, and so when the chance came up to become a BTTY ambassador I leapt at it. It was time to make some real life changes.


Keilly has been amazing! She has always been positive, supportive,  understanding and none judgemental. I could be honest with her right from the start to make the changes I needed to. Keilly has helped me find the right vitamins and supplements, educated me in nutrition, meditation, and fibro as a whole condition and how it affects me. Most of all, Keilly has given me confidence. Confidence to try new things, to say no and put boundaries in place, to let go of guilt, and to listen to my body.


I have made a massive life change recently in a new career which has brought me more peace and calm, and I genuinely don't think I would have made the jump if I hadn't had this difficult journey over the last 12 months. My condition is of course ever present but I now have the tools to manage it and have a better quality of life."

I am so proud of all Gemma has achieved throughout our partnership and I absolutely love that she has taken her creativity to the next level and started her own business. I love her work & so much so that I asked her create a piece especially for my meditation room. Please check out her new business

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