Supporting Mental Health 

& Fibromyalgia Clients

On Their Recovery Journey To A Pain Free Future

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Keilly Parker

Life Coaching and NLP Practitioner

At Be True To You Life Coaching I believe everyone is capable of recovery. Recovery is your personal journey and unique to you, therefore Be True To You tailor support to meet ‘your’ individual needs in order to maximise your recovery potential. I will be with you every step of the way to provide support, advice, guidance and motivation until you have reached your goals and become the best version of yourself.

I am a Mental Health Social Worker, Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner with a passion for supporting clients on their recovery journey. Whether this be relating to your mental, physical, emotional or spiritual health.


If you are ready for change and dedicated to your recovery, then you are in the right place!


Support Sessions
in Private or in a Group

I offer various types of support ranging from 1:1 sessions, groups and tailored packages, some combined with other specialists. 

Contact me to book a ‘FREE’ 30 minute consultation.

(This consultation is designed for us both to discuss your current situation and your goals and to discuss if we are the right match to work in partnership towards your goals)


My Inspiration


In loving memory of my angel in the sky, my first friend and my best friend. Thank you for your unconditional love always and your guidance. Your last words will stay with me forever, this is my empire and is dedicated to you 

My Beautiful Mum, My Inspiration.



Clients Recommend

Samantha H.

"Keilly is an amazing lady, who is genuine, kind, caring and supportive."

Melissa M.

"Cannot recommend Keilly enough. She makes you feel relaxed, is very thorough and very understanding with sensitive issues."

Carley D.

"Keilly is very knowledgable about the benefits of the CBD oil and also the other services she has offered."

Group Sessions

& Events

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